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Sustainability Through Biotechnology TM

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Our “Fast-Rate" Digestion process is proven to be a low-cost/low-tech solution to residual solids management in wastewater treatment facilities. During the last seventeen years, our clients have amassed millions of dollars in operational savings and have further benefited by conserving over 10MW of electrical energy with little to no capital investment.


Ennix is the first company to combine proprietary bio-chemical innovations with a service staff of wastewater professionals that will integrate our improved digestion process with plant process and existing assets. 


We look forward to helping you optimize your residual operations and extend the life cycles of your biosolids processing assets.


Ted Mullennix


Ennix Incorporated


Ennix Incorporated has been bringing “Sustainability through Biotechnology”TM to the wastewater industry since 1997. Ennix brings a non-capital approach to residual solids processing and handling that maximizes existing capacity and reduces the use of non-renewable resources such as electrical energy, dewatering chemicals and fuel used in hauling and disposal of solids.


The cornerstone of our business is the Ennix “Fast-Rate" Facultative DigestionTM Process. Our “Fast-Rate" process is provided as a service program and is implemented by converting existing assets such as aerobic or anaerobic digesters into facultative reactors. 

CO2 gas bubbles from Ennix "Fast-Rate" Facultative DigestionTM